Rules for fighting skirmishes in the universe of Warhammer 40,000


Official ITEN Forums

I’ve been helping Craig set up an official forum for the Forge Of War development group. The forum has a dedicated section for In The Emperor’s Name, which is now linked to from this website. To go to the forums, click here.

The forum has just gone into “Private Beta”: only existing FoW group members can register and post. We will be opening up registrations once we’re happy with how everything is set up.

Javier’s Epic Scale Ork Retinue

Check out these very characterful Epic Orks created by Javier for use in a 6mm scale version of In The Emperor’s Name:

Epic Orks

Epic Orks

I’ve always wanted to magnetise some Epic terminators and Genestealers to have a “travel Space Hulk” set. But a travel ITEN set would be cool as well!

More info on Javier’s blog

ITEN 2.0 reaches over 3,500 downloads!

Earlier today, Craig posted to the Forge Of War mailing list to announce that In The Emperor’s Name had reached 3,754 downloads in the 48 hours since it was published!

I’m guessing that this is partly because the rules have been split into three separate sections, but even so, it’s still a very impressive achievement.

Well done to Craig and the rest of the FoW team!

Welcome to!

Hi! Welcome to the site! I created this website because I’m a huge fan of the collective efforts of the Forge Of War group, and wanted to give ITEN its own home on the web.