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Keyan Sark’s ITEN BatRep: Squats vs Tyranids

Keyan Sark emailed the Forge Of War mailing list to tell us about a battle report he posted on his blog:

I have been designing some rules for Tyranids in ITEN and I have pitted them against Mjolnir Broterhood Squats in a minicampaing

Simply put, the Squats in Svartalfheim are being overrun and they have decided to overload the planetary termoplasma generators to blow the continent and kill all bugs. To do that, they must enter the maze of underground tunnels to reach the generators, from an abandoned outpost on the mountains. But first they need to attract and kill the Alpha Tyranid leading the swarm in the area.

The first game is this Bug Hunt. I have included the report, with tyranid profiles in

My blog is written in spanish, but this entry is bilingual to help non-spaniards read it 🙂

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